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Auld lang Syne

So this probably goes without saying, but I think I've officially decided I'm no longer going to update my livejournal. It's been a great ride and I'll miss what LJ used to be - communities and people actually talking to one another - but I think ~*~THE TIME HAS COME~*~ to give up the ghost. I'll still be posting fic over at AO3 and I'll still be active over on my Tumblr, so definitely keep in touch if you care to! You're also more than welcome me to ping me an email if neither of those routes seems right - my email these days is acgavit[at]gmail[dot]com.

So. Yeah. It's been fun, guys.

Art Dump

It's been a while since I did one of these, but here's some miscellaneous junk art I've been scratching out recently.

Tintin, Lupin III, House of Five Leaves, original stuffCollapse )

A very long engagement

I think I may be moving to dreamwidth soon, although I'm still honestly deliberating (this is entirely based, shamefully enough, on the fact that I hate 90% of dreamwidth layouts, so if you know of a good layout maker or a particular community, please do link me!). It's strange to think about leaving livejournal - even though I haven't been posting much, I still trawl my FList almost every day, although since the updates big comment threads are giving me a hellauva migraine. Every time I go to spiff up my dreamwidth account, I get a flush of nostalgia and just end up puttering around LJ instead in the vain hope that it's all going to MAGICALLY BE NORMAL AGAIN AND THERE WILL BE LES EYESTRAIN MAYBE?

And also:

brewsternorth, I got your card in the mail today! (It may have been there for a while, I'm really terrible at checking my mail). Thank you SO much. It really, really brightened my day!

The Great November Ficathon

I should probably be working on NaNoWriMo, but I think I'm ditching it this year (or at least, putting that focus toward my spec scripts this November). That said, I'm still find myself itching to write some prose (writing scripts pushes a completely different set of buttons) and it's been a while since I've done this, so: prompt me! Open to writing whatever - although recently I've been digging back into Inception and Iron Man, but anything I'm familiar with goes.

(There's a lot of downtime at work now that I've moved over to the technical department and we get a lot of incidental paperwork for tracking sales and that sort of thing that's really for personal benefit more than anything that needs to be filled out. As a result, I've been writing a goddamn manuscript of an Inception fic on loose leaf paper. A dozen pieces of paper absolutely COVERED with tight scrawling handwriting: good way of making your coworkers think you're a serial killer)


Photoshop Help

I'm posting about this everywhere I can think of - if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this or knows someone who might know how, I'd appreciate if you'd drop a line. This is quickly turning away from a First World Problem of the higher order into a 'Oh good, I can't do my homework now' problem.

Two days ago my photoshop suddenly started being really temperamental about blending. I tend to blend by using a low opacity brush and using alt+click to sample. This usually works pretty well for me, but all at once it just completely stopped working. I was working on a background and it was really looking really patchy - I figured I had something on a layer above it that was effecting it, so started to turn off all the layers until I could find it. No dice, the layer was just patchy. Then I realized that the blending wasn't working at all - sampling from a darker color and dragging it out caused some weird desaturation (like it was subtracting, rather than adding - also, it would blend into all the other colors except for the value closest to it). Moreover, I couldn't blend back into the original patch at all. At an opacity lower than fifty, sometimes the brush stroke doesn't even do ANYTHING. I checked my brush settings, checked my blending modes, double checked my tool settings. I tried different brushes - same thing. Tried opening a new canvas. Same deal. I reset my brush preferences and reset my photoshop preferences and it was STILL broken so I finally figured, what the hey - uninstalled and reinstalled photoshop.

It was still broken. I reinstalled my tablet drivers. Nope. Tried a different version of photoshop - same deal. At first my other programs were functioning normally, but then I brought the file in question over to sai and it promptly started screwing up too. The frustrating thing is it's not just this file that's corrupted - every new canvas does the same exact thing. I borrowed a friend's wacom and tried it. Still broken. Finally, really frustrated, I simply took the files I was working on over to Donna's computer and started working on it there.

And then promptly broke her photoshop.

So now we're both stuck with this weird issue where nothing is blending and just painting with the brush leaves behind an array of liquify-esque artifacts all over the canvas. I've tried running virus scans and it doesn't pick anything up (world's most specific virus??), so all I can think is that somehow this file managed to get SO CORRUPTED that it destroys everything it touches, but I'm not even sure that makes any sense whatsoever. Does anyone have any suggestions on how the heck to fix this?

I've tried to include an example, but cranking up the saturation and contrast doesn't make it much easier to see. The grey color is the result of trying to blend the darker color out into the lightest green.

Screenshots of problemCollapse )

Bits and bobs 2: electric boogaloo

Sometimes I write things. Most of the time those things are never going to be finished.


[FIC] Inception - Yusuf's opinion of EamesCollapse )


[FIC] Thor - Women's work aka Writing Frigga can't stop won't stopCollapse )

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